Brand touchpoints that customers truly care about

Some think that the word “brand” refers to a company logo. And, it does! But that’s only one small component of your brand — there are many other touch-points that your customers will come in to contact with on a regular basis that ultimately will impact how they will think, feel and speak about you. Some of these fall under the marketing bailiwick and some will fall under customer service or even operations. Your brand permeates far deeper than your logo, or the fonts, colours and iconography you use on your collateral. We’ve listed off the Top5 brand touch points that customers TRULY care about.


Touch-point #1 – Website

In today’s world, a customer’s first interaction with your brand usually is your website. A first impression usually lasts, so ensure that the first one you give to your customers is one that not only aligns with your brand’s look and feel, but also tone of voice. Other boxes that have to be ticked are ensuring that your information is up to date, that your website is easy to use and also mobile responsive (most of use our phones these days!). Remember, this is your digital business card — a store front that is open 24/7. Make it a priority!


Touch-point #2 – Social channels

If it’s not the first place people will look for you, it sure will be the second: social media. Choosing not to be on social media isn’t really a choice any more — if you’re not having the conversation about your brand on social media, social media will do it for you. Your feed should always carry through your core offer, and as per the website, hero your brand’s tone of voice. Keeping your content fresh ensures that people know that you are actively taking part of the conversation and that your brand is ever-evolving.


Touch-point #3 – Bricks and Mortar experience

Whether customers access you at an office, a café, a shop or a market stall, all of their senses have the capacity to be activated during this experience. Considerations are the music you play, the interior décor, how products are displayed, how your staff look and act and treat them, the smell of your space, the location of your space, the view from you space. These are all things that are being subconsciously collected and judged by a customer when they come into your physical space — what does yours say about you? If you’re too close to it, ask a friend or even your customers what kind of impression you’re leaving — and does it align with what you’re trying to portray?


Touch-point #4 – Word of Mouth

Earned media — something all brands want but does require some effort from you. Online and word of mouth reviews are incredibly powerful and can really make or break your brand. What are your customers telling people about your business? Get online (if you haven’t already) and see what’s being said. Not only can this help you identify areas you need to work on, but also highlight your brand’s strengths for amplification. The number one rule here is to always respond to your reviews and comments — be a part of the conversation! If you’re still busy building your reviews, ask previous customers to spare a minute to get involved; it can be a friendly conversation or a follow up email.


Touch-point #5 Publicity

Articles that people read in the news about your brand can have a huge impact on the impression that people form about your brand — and it can often be the first thing that pops up when someone Google’s your brand. Whether it’s a local blogger or a national newspaper, these articles can be very powerful in spreading brand awareness, and is a channel that your customers will place a lot of weight behind. Make yourself known to key journalists in your industry, and feed them information related to your brand and offer — position yourself as a go-to expert in your field. This can lead to the journo’s making you their first port-of-call for commentary on industry happenings.


How are your brand’s touch-points stacking up? We can help with all or one — contact us to make your next big idea come to life!