Celebrating 100 years of ANZAC


This week, we helped Carnival cruises commemorate 100 Years of ANZAC with a custom made structure on board their Queen Elizabeth Cruise ship.

As part of her world voyage, Queen Elizabeth sailed into Auckland on Friday 27th February and is now making its way to Sydney, docking on March 3rd. Six weeks from now the ship will sail into ANZAC Cove in Turkey to mark the 100 years of ANZAC, with many Australians and New Zealanders on board.

To mark this occasion Carnival have given the public of Auckland and Sydney the chance to purchase a poppy (all donations go to a nominated ANZAC charity in both cities), write a message in a commemorative book and place their poppies on our large 3D ‘100’ structure. The structure will then travel on the ship to ANZAC Cove as part of a commemorative service.

We were honoured to be able to play a part in celebrating a monumental milestone in Australia’s history.