Legal updates for competition permits: Game of chance

We’ve got some exciting news for everyone running competitions and promotions. As of 22 June 2015, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation have changed the rules regarding permits. From this date forward, permits in Victoria will not be required to run Game of Chance competitions.

Unfortunately they are still mandatory in other States, and terms and conditions are still required when you are running any type of promotion or competition.

This is how the permit requirements currently stands per state:

  • NSW  – Yes
  • SA – Yes
  • ACT – Yes
  • VIC – No
  • Qld – No
  • WA – No
  • Tas – No
  • NT – No

There are still state laws governing the conduct of trade promotion lotteries, and every state can have specifics we need to adhere to.  Call us at April5 Brand Activation Agency if you need some help or advice and we will be happy to help!