Westpac Women’s Markets

Last week our Chief was asked to be a panellist at the Westpac Women’s Markets International Study Tour. Alicia made up the panel of three with 2 other amazing women and they were invited to share their views as Westpac customers, members of Ruby Connection and Westpac Women’s Market network.

The audience was comprised of  28 senior representatives from the World Bank (IFC) Washington , Inter-American Development Bank, HBL Pakistan, Diamond Bank Nigeria, Postbank Uganda, Chase Bank Kenya, Banco Estado Chile, Banco Pichincha Ecuador, BAC San Jose Costa Rica.   ww

The Global Banking Alliance for Women has been the leading international consortium of financial institutions and other organizations interested in building women’s wealth worldwide. Alliance member institutions work in 135 countries to build innovative, comprehensive programs that provide women entrepreneurs with vital access to capital, markets, education, and training. Westpac was a founding member of the GBA in 2000 and in 2010 was recognised by the World Bank as Global Best Practice in the work we do with female customers.

Each year, the Westpac Women’s Markets team host a Study Tour in Sydney for representatives of financial institutions from all over the world.  As fellow GBA members, this provides a unique opportunity for them to learn more about Westpac’s world-class programs, supporting both staff and customers, so they can implement them in their own countries.

A great initiative for businesses around the world.