2019 Event Trends

It’s an exciting time to be in the events industry in Australia. The pressure cooker of innovation and creativity within the space is delivering some of the most exceptional customer experiences! With the increasing competitiveness and the rising expectation of human connection between customers and brands – there’s a lot we can learn from event practice where customer centricity and measurable experiences are key strategies. Discover 2019 event trends and let them inspire your next event.


Blurring reality

The use of technology in events is pushing past ‘gimick’ and is serving to enrich and fill physical experience gaps.

Delegates who may not have been able to attend now can experience the event using live stream, live Q&A’s through social messaging apps like Instagram stories and Twitter and even podcast recordings for delegates to listen to later.


Data capture, privacy & security

Data capture technology is an amazing way to keep your attendees informed as well as receive information from them. By simply scanning or checking in via an app or program, it simplifies the customer journey and gives you a way to stay in touch and learn more about your customer.

But this also raises issues on privacy and security; data capture relies on the handling of sensitive personal information, and the correct legal and security measures must be in place to protect the data.


Wellbeing at front of mind

We can’t ignore that wellbeing and sustainability are becoming valued themes for consumers. We can see this through the rise in health-related products and services as well as the war on waste and plastic.


Offering fresh and nutritious drink and food options, chill out zones, recycle bins, sustainable gifts and biodegradable utensils are some of the things that are being integrated into events. Thinking about these values can make it a much more enjoyable and valuable experience for your delegates.


Consumer approaches to corporate events

Mixing work and play is fast becoming expected. Corporate attendees are looking for unique and premium experiences.

We’re seeing events respond by offering non-traditional venues, interactive product displays, inspirational or entertaining performances, competitions and giveaways, charging stations, premium food and drink stations as well as catering to dietary requirements such as vegan/vegetarians, gluten-free and halal.

Check out our recent Microsoft event where we created a premium customer experience for over 500 industry leaders and partners at the heritage listed Carriageworks.


Connected Content

The standard presentation style of ‘talking at a crowd’ is changing and it’s offering impactful and measurable engagement from attendees.


This is seen through changing content into round workshop style layouts, panellists, fire side chats, live audience Q&A’s and even gamification of the content.


High volumes, tighter belts


Higher volume of events with the same budget. Event professionals are required to go above and beyond to deliver ground-breaking events with smaller budgets. Just because you may have a lower budget doesn’t mean you can’t execute an impressive event. Leave it to the experts and they will show you how.


These are some 2019 event trends which are starting to shape events in 2019. We hope this can help inspire your next event or customer experience.


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