How to create content from experience

Content can make your brand experience last longer and reach more. Here’s some tips on how to create content from experiences


If anyone has been to a concert or live event and hasn’t had the urge to take a photo or a video to share with your followers on Instagram – We salute you.

Humans have a natural tendency for storytelling; we are defined as story tellers and listeners going back to the earliest cave paintings. Today, technology has given us personal broadcasting devices, and this freedom to express ourselves through digital communities has again defined us. Social advocacy and social standing drive our need to share stories and for some, the reason might be to grow a larger audience or to elevate people’s opinion.

However, the fundamental truth is we share stories that mean something to us, either something we love or something we strongly disagree with. 

When it comes to brand experiences, it’s how it makes you feel and what impression it leaves with you that will define your next move. Put yourself in your audiences shoes when creating a content rich experience;

  • Will it inspire them to share the experience?
  • Do you think their friends will enjoy seeing it? What will friends think of them for sharing it?
  • Most importantly, will it leave a positive impression of them?

Every brand wants their customers to have a positive interaction with their product or service. If an experience has had the right research, strategy, creative and execution behind it, it will deliver the intended message to the audience loud and clear and they will want to share the experience with others.

Brand content can form part of any larger campaign and will drive the message harder and provide further connections with the audience. If done right, it will promote a brand implicitly, show authentic reactions to the brand and products, while generating social conversation at the same time.

Content for the sake of it can feel inauthentic and customers are too smart to buy into that! Whereas creating original content can also be hard work and costly – which is why if you can create content off the back of an experience it’s not only going to spread the message further, it will create a bank of brand owned assets you can use and recycle!

However, it must be executed with a clear strategy;

  • Get to know your audience and what action you want them to take.
  • Know your story and tell it well.

It’s an opportunity to put your brand story and what your brand stands for, in the hands of people who will love it and connect with it the most.

Here are some ideas on how to create content from experience:

  • Share the experience on social media
  • Create a dedicated microsite
  • Use a unique hashtag for consumers to share and access content
  • Create photograph-able opportunities for users to want to take a photo
  • Share user generated content
  • Use other relevant hashtags that relate to the experience and content
  • Send out an EDM to your database
  • Create a media relations campaign
  • Upload to YouTube and Vimeo

If you’re thinking about a brand activation and wondering how content can play a part, contact us for some expert advice [email protected]