The rise of content marketing

What is Content marketing?

Content marketing can be described as “the practice of publishing engaging, useful and shareable content on the most appropriate channels to attract and retain customers.” – Mahlab Media

The idea behind content marketing comes from simply recognising that people will choose to read & engage in something they find interesting, relevant or helpful to them and will skip all the irrelevant parts. It’s about condensing that useful, interesting information to keep people engaged, sharing with their friends and coming back for more. This content can come in many shapes & forms.

A fantastic example of successful content marketing is that of The Michelin Guide. Did you know that Michelin Tyres started up the famous restaurant guide? The train of thought went a little something like this: Tyres – Road trips – Holidays – Destinations – Restaurants. They created a link between relevant content and expanded their brand. Amazing huh! Read their story here