Top tips for running promotions

1. Don’t try and run a promotion without getting the right advice, it can land you in hot water legally and with the ACCC. Rules are changing all the time (the latest being “like-gating” on Facebook).
2. Never run a promotion without Terms and Conditions, it protects you the Promoter and sets the guidelines for those entering.
3. If you run a game of skill (25 words or less) 90% of people won’t bother to enter. Think about running a game of chance.
4. Permits aren’t scary or expensive and they don’t take very long to obtain. Consider running a game of chance draw promotion and you will significantly increase the number of people entering.
5. People can’t enter a promotion if they can’t find it. Be sure to factor in communications around your promotion.
6. People want to believe they have a chance to win. One prize is not enough, 3 are good, 5 are too many.
7. Prizes need to be aspirational and relevant to your audience. Offering a prize that involves choice will be more appealing to your audience, i.e. a travel voucher vs. a trip to Disneyland.
8. Set your promotional objectives at the outset of the campaign. Promotional methods will vary depending on whether you are aiming to generate awareness or trial, etc.
9. Think about what you want to do with the data that you generate from your promotion. Make sure those who enter opt in for future marketing (this can be covered in your Terms and Conditions).
10. Get a great agency to help you – this is where you pick up the phone and call us!