Update: Trade promotions

When running a promotion in Australia, each State and Territory has its own laws that regulate competitions conducted for the promotion of trade or business, where there is an elements whereby winners are determined by chance.

Following Victoria’s decision to abolish its requirements to obtain permits for trade promotions, the ACT government has also recently, effective from November 2015, amended its Lotteries Act 1964 to alter its requirements. Amongst the most important changes is the inclusion of trade promotions with prize pools of $3,000 or less into the ‘exempted lotteries’ category, meaning that they are now lotteries that do not require a permit before being conducted.

You still must comply with the laws and regulations, you just do not need to jump through the hoops to obtain a permit in the ACT when your prize pool is $3,000 or less in the ACT!

Information provided : anisimoff legal